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Blender night sky

jeudi 27 décembre 2012, par Effe.

This node group is aimed to simulate a fake night sky, with random dispersion of stars. In addition, there is a fake Milky Way, with a parametrable density of stars and halo.

To achieve a more realistic earth-based night sky, there is furthermore the possibility to add a horizon color, which fade from ground to zenith. This color influences the brightness of the stars in horizon area, in order to simulate the adjonction of light.

The sky color is the « screen » on which stars are projected. Sky luminosity have thus an influence on how many and how bright stars are visible. In fact, a day color setup for the sky will produce faint and rare stars, and indiscernable Milky Way halo.

Use in space scene

You could use this node group in order to have a star background for your space scene ; just disable the horizon color and the milky way halo.


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